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Analyze + Explore + Design = Disruptive Company Building

Growth innovation initiatives are critical for value creation, even survival, throughout an economic cycle. I help business leaders grow their company through the stages of ideation, incubation, operation and transformation.

I believe in understanding the near horizon for emerging technologies and disruptive shifts in cognitive behavior, and translating these into scenario envisioning to create winning strategies and pragmatic achievable plans for transformation.

I takes a datadriven, anthropological and holistic perspective on the business situation and opportunities rather than traditional strategy formulation focusing on yesterday's obvious or tomorrow's distant future.



Coaching and applying strategic leadership to manage through the 3 stages of company building from inception to exit

Modern Office
Business Meeting


Challenging and inspirational point of views about megatrends, strategic change with disruptive transformation of business models   

Global Expansion + Growth Strategy 

Strategy development and strategic leadership advisory with funding plan reviews, expansion and growth strategies

I work with the leadership team to provide a fact based assessment of external change drivers and company impact  -and relate this analysis to the companys core competencies and product potential in a knowledge approach into system thinking of new strategy.

Brainstorming Session

I would love to learn more about your company, and start a conversation about how to bring the business to the next level! 

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