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  • Lars Nordenlund

Imagine To Make A Difference

The motivation and mission to change the world, or at least make a difference in it can be driven by different forces. Ultimately, I’ve found technology to be the biggest enabler of growth for businesses, change lives, and society all together.

Over time I have learned you’re a lot more likely to achieve breakthroughs if you apply innovation leadership empowerment to encourage influence through strategizing and designing companies for radical innovation with imagination and curiosity rather than through control by domination – the red ocean improvement.

We just launched a new company to explore the wonders of cognitive situational awareness. We are excited about the idea of solving a customer’s essential needs and being the explorative pioneers in the land of the next and unknown. We’re on a mission.

The philosophy is always to be imagining and asking “What if...and Wouldn't be awesome if...or How hard would it be if ...

Challenging the ordinary is part of our daily interaction, it's our DNA. It requires all on all levels to be open minded, curious and learning - ready to process and accept different opinions and perspectives. We encourage and foster an environment to bring all of yourself to the idea-lab (office) and put all of your best imagination at work in small and big ways.

Bold and crazy

It takes a lot of imagination and big bold leadership along with some degree of craziness to realize the full innovation potential - big enough to change the world. You must be brave and agile enough to stand up against the traditional norms, and as a leader be change ready enough to redesign your strategy as you go through the stages of company building.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do” -Steve Jobs

Think different and rebel

In most organizations, leaders and employees are trained to focus on their work without looking at different ways of doing things better and truly make a difference. Maintaining a sense of wonder is crucial to creativity and innovation. The most effective leaders look for ways to nurture their employees’ curiosity to fuel learning and discovery. We want rebel talent to think different and spur the imagination.

Our culture is open conversations. We believe in diverse perspectives or even better, when people disagree. It will lead to better ideas, innovations, evolution or even revolution in disruptive innovations. We believe that a mistake or cross-pollination may unlock a breakthrough transformation. Innovation does not follow any specific process. On the contrary, it is more interesting to work with openness and curiosity as a state of mind

Imagine with attitude

It’s not only about imagination, but also about attitude. What I have experienced in recent years in the world of fast emerging technology is that there’s a very special “winner take all” attitude to change the world. This drives the motivation and ambition to develop radical technology shifts and companies with disruptive business models.

The winners attitude attracts massive investments in high risk and bleeding edge projects changing and transforming the way it’s done. Many of the venture capital backed startups are working on “big science” problems and other “big social challenges” to change the world.

No industry seems to be left behind - just see what happened to each industry at the time with introduction of Uber, Netflix, airbnb, eBay, Tesla, and the hundreds of other startups with disruptive and imaginative ideas, and technologies. Working hard every day to change the world.

Think big and reinvent

New bold thinking institutions like the Singularity University, have a declared mission to be “Solving Humanity’s Grand Challenges” with unlimited imagination of opportunities in new technologies. This entire ecosystem of institutions, established companies, venture capitalists, startups, and individuals are focused on big and important challenges that can change the world - often demanding radical and disruptive solutions.

If you are in an “old world” business today, you have to consider how to get on the innovation train. First of all, you have to avoid the innovator’s dilemma. Adapt or die, or, in case you have the ambition to change the world, be the transformer.

Imagine to transform

Commit to imagination, transformation, and realize the full economic value potential, staying in the game of relevance for existing and new customers. Set that as a strategic priority for your company and invest accordingly unlike most companies which according to recent research, are only dedicating 5% of resources to radical innovation.

Secondly, you have to build an innovation culture, core competency, and organize your resources effectively to foster imagination and ultimately deploy disruptive innovation.

Do it, and make it happen before the competition, new entrants or technologies changes everything. Avoid losing market leadership positions or even worse, ultimately making your business obsolete.

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