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"It’s time to envision what the future looks like and reimagine your business"

“Now is the time to adapt and turn uncertainty into opportunity and emerge as the industry leader. It's time to design the future business architecture to effectively incubate, grow, and scale your business, through the next company stage, with a cohesive business system - and develop the capabilities needed to do it repeatedly"


Lars Nordenlund 

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About Lars Nordenlund

Global Thought Leader I Expert Strategy Advisor I Founder I CxO I Strategic Leadership 

Lars Nordenlund  is considered a global visionary thought leader with a successful track record of conceiving and delivering breakthrough growth strategies, corporate reinvention and business transformations.


Lars is a thinker, advisor and practical entrepreneur. He has in the last twenty years been a leading authority on strategic change, disruptive innovation, digital transformation and design thinking. A global citizen mindset, futurist strategist and top-management executive with more than over 20 years of CEO, VP and strategic leadership experience from leading technology enterprise companies like Microsoft and Canon, as well as, start-ups and mid-stage pre-IPO organizations.


Always envisioning and company building with special emphasis on the wonder and power to disrupt with technology, AI, IoT, enterprise software, cloud video, SaaS and media advertising.


Lars is trusted advisor for some of the world’s most recognized technology enterprises and innovators. He has an extensive background in strategic change management consulting and expert visionary advisory services.


His education includes an MBA from Henley Management College in London as well as executive programs at Stanford, IMD in Switzerland and a Strategic Master Class at Templeton College, University of Oxford UK

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